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The Denver Short Term Rental Alliance was formed to provide a voice to Denver property owners and residents to ensure that the regulations regarding short term rentals in the city of Denver are fair, functional and beneficial for the city and its residents.

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The DSTRA is a passionate group of Denver homeowners, business allies and citizens who believe that legalizing all vacation rentals is important to fueling local/neighborhood economies, supporting mom and pop businesses in Denver, and continuing to welcome tourists to our beautiful city.

Currently Short Term Rentals (STRs), or Vacation Rentals are outlawed in the city of Denver. The Denver City Council is moving forward on draft regulation which would legalize these rentals for people living in the home that they rent out, while outlawing these rentals for owners who do not live on the property. This distinction unfairly discriminates against non-owner occupied rentals, and eliminates the availability of these rentals in Denver which negatively impacts travelers choice.

STRs serve an important function in our city. They allow families traveling together to have communal space to cook, eat, and gather in a home that is not occupied by the owner. Visitors are often in town to attend weddings, celebrate births, or attend graduations. STRs allow families to visit our city in an economical way, while encouraging visitors to spend money locally. These visitors frequent local restaurants, shops and boutiques thereby putting money into local economies which otherwise would not see these tourism dollars.

Homes which are used for short term stays are extremely well maintained. They improve the neighborhood aesthetically and increase property values. These homes also employ local citizens who are hired for cleaning, landscaping, painting, and contracting.

Please support smart, equitable regulations which will continue to keep Denver at the forefront of smart city management.

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Currently city council is proposing legislation that will restrict short term rentals to primary residences. Sign the petition to show your opposition to this rule.

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